Inspection robots

Physical security can be many areas where continuous monitoring is desirable for protection of assets or checking status of infrastructures. This fully autonomous robot can be used in remote sites such as power stations, warehouses, airports, dockyards, industrial buildings and estates.

Bunker Mini equipped with instrument for full autonomy and vision system for person and anomaly detection on-board without the need for data connection.

Small security robot

All data processed on-board, fully electric, very low cost of ownership, only needs electricity to run. IP67 for all weather deployment. Day and night operation. 3 shifts can cover 24 hours so 3 robots gives continuous operation, 1 on patrol while 2 on charge. Docking station available. Remote control is not required but possible if desired in certain cases. Small robot safe to use in the same space as people but mostly aimed at remote infrastructure storage and perimeter checking of large estates. This solution is a work in progress and will be ready Q2 2023. Please get in touch for more information.